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The Pacific Data Hub – Microdata Library is a central repository for Pacific Island statistical microdata, reports and documents. Documentation of all Kiribati censuses can be found there.

Previous Collections

Censuses and surveys previously conducted by KINSO

Population and Housing Census

Access and download data and reports from the latest 2020-2021 Kiribati Population and Housing Census as they are being released by the National Statistics Office.

Upcoming Collections

Next census starts on 7th November 2025

2021 Labour force survey
2021 Disability survey
2022 Agricultural census / survey
2023 Multiple Indicator Cluster, Demographic and Health Survey
2023 Household Listing
2025 Household Income and Expenditure Survey
2025 Population and Housing Census
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Latest Posts

Kiribati Census Atlas 2022

Undertaking a Census of Population and Housing is a massive task for every Pacific National Statistics Office. It requires preparation, planning and logistical challenges especially when remote islands are involved. During November 2020, the Kiribati NSO successfully...

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Population and Housing Census 2015

The objectives of the Kiribati Census changed over time shifting from earlier years where they were essentially household registrations and counts, to now where a national population census stands supreme as the most valuable single source of statistical data for Kiribati.

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Population and Housing Census 2010

One of the main sources of demographic and social-economic statistics in Kiribati is the population and housing census. Kiribati has been carrying out population and housing censuses in a “modern sense” at intervals of about five years since 1985. This 2010 Census is the first census to use the GPS to plot the positions of the households.

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