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Aritita Tekaieti

Senior Statistician

Email: atekaieti@mfep.gov.ki or atekaieti@finance.gov.ki

Economic Statistics


Aoniba Francis

Assistant Statistician

Email: faoniba@finance.gov.ki

External Sector Statistics (ESS)


Teimaro Boutu

Statistics Officer

Email: tboutu@finance.gov.ki

Census Data Technician


Niibo Iaruru

Statistics Officer

Email: niaruru@finance.gov.ki

Trade Statistics (Import)

Agnether Lemuelu


Email: alemuelu@finance.gov.ki

Filling Data Gaps & Census & Surveys Data Managements


Taotirita Kauongo

Statistics Officer

Email: tkauongo@finance.gov.ki

Government Finance Statistics (GFS)


Kanikua Tekaoki

Statistics Officer

Email: ktekaoki@finance.gov.ki

Trade Statistics (Export)


 Aariera Kouraata

Statistics Officer

Email: akouraata@finance.gov.ki

Copra & Trade Statistics

Tiriara Ikam Redfern


Email: tikam@finance.gov.ki

Gross Domestics Product (GDP by Production Approach)


Anataake Maurintekeraoi

Statistics Officer

Email: anataake@finance.gov.ki

Consumer Price Index (CPI)



Kitanna Kiritian

Statistics Officer

Email: kkiritian@finance.gov.ki

Immigration Statistics


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