Key Economic Indicators

 Selected Key Economic Indicators

IndicatorsValueLatest Year

National Accounts 

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (Current Prices) Per Capita2,0202015 (p)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (Constant Prices) Per Capita1,5732015 (p)

Consumer Price Index (CPI) 

CPI – All Groups124.3Mar-17

CPI – % change over previous quarter-1.1%Mar-17

Labour Market Indicators

Number of Persons Employed (Cash)19,5932010

Number of Persons Unemployed11,9382010

Unemployment Rate (%)30.5%2010

Central Government Finance

Total Revenue – Current (‘000 AUD)208,5052016 (p)

Total Expenditure – Current (‘000 AUD)171,9802016 (p)

Balance of Payment

Balance – Current Account (‘000 AUD)101,438.92015 (p)

Merchandise Trades

Exports (Value in $’000)9,1992016 (p)

Imports (Value in $’000)147,4012016 (p)

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